The menace

Incredulous at the slightest sight of death, evasive, horrified, the silent walk of the lambs is brought to memory. This unrealistic scenario , that of death, that of ending the life as a living creature is beyond mundane intelligence. And yet survival conduct prevails, the light of hope so weak, we grasp that dimmed hope and keep it lit , we summon the spirits of forgiveness and we pray to the Heavens once again. See, we still believe, at the edge of death, the mortal finale, in pleading for the executioner to . The cold sweat of fear makes itself visible and the flesh, so tender  and the body so languid. The unstoppable forces lie within ourselves: fear, ignorance and uncertainty. Death is external, beyond human intelligence, trascending that which can be controlled. Death come forth, holly or unholy.

Why summon the imaginary acquaintance when life itself is fading? Why the ritual to unknown and the unseen?Why cast a shadow away from the celestial fire? Behold, a grasp of the wind’s breath: fear not the wilderness and the beasts, do not fear the poisonous leaves: Nature’s will is unintended. What most be fearful for yourself and others is within the realm of humanity, it lives amongst us and breathes our air and nurtures itself with our thoughts and worries. Fear no the thunderstorm, or the power of incessant streams of water or the tremble of earth’s core that rattles and rattles and crumbles until nothing is left but debris of shattered hopes.




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