Love and disparity

I’m capable of getting to know you, I am human, I know what we feel.  I can be emphatic; I can summon feelings from different memories. We come from different backgrounds, we’ve been raised on different books and we now enjoy different lifestyles; lifestyles which society has tried with great effort to make incompatible. We’ve been fed with the same ideas since social interaction emerged: there is a difference among human beings, and that difference can be traced back to one’s social group, economic capability and race. I do believe in difference, but difference expressed as authenticity and uniqueness, the intrinsic characteristic of being irreplaceable.   You may have had or not a wonderful family, a beautiful childhood and some easy going teenage years. Whichever the combination of ups and downs throughout your life, every experience, every moment, every person you have met, loved and admired has left a mark in your heart, your memory and your flesh. But you are more than that; you are much more than a compilation of past events. You are what you do with your freedom, the choices you’ve made for good and evil. You have developed a way of thinking, a way of looking at things in the world, diminishing or accentuating your passion for life and humanity.

You can be alone, have your space and time of your own. But you cannot be lonely, since you will be fighting against your social nature and loneliness is a dark hole in which you can stay for as long as you want, but you can only emerge selfish and unable to love. You need true human interaction, not trading merchandise, buying or selling, but casual conversations, intimacy, the beauty in sharing and creating knowledge, open up the door for someone, doing the right things and doing them right. Every experience is good experience as long as you look for the lesson beyond this or that event: embrace mistakes, learn empirically and have a laugh about it. Great times and horrible situations happen senselessly, they are the product of life’s maternal indifference about individual existence. Life, if life can be, it could only be careless, indifferent and unpredictable. So use it, that time lapse between birth and death, as an experiment. Travel the world of your internal being, explore your thoughts, your beliefs. Find your principles and values, your moral grounds, which come from what you value from yourself and the life that surrounds you. Those surroundings are building blocks of what you are made of today, they can be constraints or limits to your life, but they will never define who you are and who you try to become, they cannot define your existence. “Blaming” life and your surroundings for being who you are is an awful excuse, and I am sure you don’t need to hear another story of the underdog enjoying a happy ending.

This not a love letter, this not an invitation: this is a bet against destiny, this is me telling you that there is no other way in which you and I could be together just because life as we know it has being impeding love and friendship arising from randomness , which is going against the nature of life’s unpredictability.  Don’t try to stabilize and standardize your existence and place great effort in finding bricks to build your comfort house; your life can be shattered in the blink of an eye. In all the infinite array of possibility, this is just another option, another risk, another choice; we could be each others’ choices, each others’ option and each others’ risky, safe bet. This may or may not be “meant to be” but nothing has been made to match or fit, the pieces of any of life’s puzzles need to be polished, its sharp edges softened  and still perfection is absent. But who needs perfection, allegedly something unknown to the human intelligibility? I do not want perfection when we can have a bond of happiness uniting each other’s absolute existence as human beings. You and I develop ourselves through spontaneous evolution, through change and the way we react and adapt. You and I cannot be, we are being. And as I am being, this time I chose being different, I chose being with you. I am fighting against destiny, but fighting along the will of free individuals, your will. Love and friendship have a spark of chemistry, a leap of faith, a hint of erratic coincidence and the most complex simplicity in the most psychotically imperfect amalgam. What if you and I was not “us” because we did not take our chances?


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