The mythology of self-annihilation.

The idealist is still alive, surviving along with chivalry of contemporary discontent and suspicion and dubious thought of the masses. He runs low, afraid, waiting to be summoned… The people speak through the people and their tune mellows swiftly with the thin air of sorrow, with the hints of hopes that have been shattered, ruin, the dreams that were violently expropriated from the public: utter annihilation of imagination. Surrender to the general thought, let the coldness of this sorrowful melody creep through your skin until your bones are frozen to death, and let it be the anthem of damnation. Chant along and you will surrender your life, until the brightness is dimmed to vanish, until one becomes not one but a disposable component of the Machine.

He is educated in the matters that matter most, the proof of fit to his well-known hero propaganda. His nemesis, the Lernaean Hydra of society, the perpetual problematic of the social body, rattles and hisses and threatens at the opposite end of the slaughter field. He thinks with the pragmatism of the impotent. What has been done cannot be undone by mundane human power of will, not even the most ferocious warrior in his titanic effort, not even struck with blessing of Olympian fortune. He cannot save us, but is not because of him that we condemn salvation as impossible. The Ruler dictates through the Machine, mechanical dominance is then enforced; the rule of law of this dynastic tyranny is now imposed. Spread the viral fear! Spread the senseless fear! Pundits, profess the Book of Ignorance! They must never know the truth, but lead them with the blindfold of false hope into the Ultimate Truth, the path of stealthy counterfeit. Proclaim the conquest of dominance! The ONE who rules over existence is not to be challenged, for consequences transcend the mortal punishment.

The hero crawls back to the dungeons. Impotence has struck his confidence. He knows no other way; he cannot help without help of the others. Relinquish the thought of the impossible and life might have the last chance for the verdict of plenary indulgence.


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